Kentucky Association for Institutional Research | Professional Development

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Association membership requires an annual fee of $15.00 per person. The membership term is from the date of the annual conference/meeting to the conference/meeting the following year (approximately November 1 to October 31). Membership dues are included for anyone attending and paying registration fees for the annual conference. Association membership allows those not attending the annual conference to stay connected, utilize various KAIR programs & events, and share best practices. 


I hereby represent that I am authorized to submit this membership on behalf of my company; that I have thoroughly read and understand on behalf of my company the membership fees associated with KAIR and agree to abide by its terms. I realize no refunds will be made for membership fees. Furthermore, I understand that becoming a member of KAIR does not imply any preferential treatment in regard to the award of contracts or services. Acceptance of this agreement gives KAIR authority to collect membership fees from the individual listed above.